GHFD #8 in the Community

On Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 the Hurricane of the North Beach started to blow and the power began it’s 6 day hiatus.  Monday night we opened the Pacific Beach Community Center and started making spaghetti.  We sent out our brush truck 8705 to announce we had food, shelter and a warm place to drink a hot cup of Joe.

In the past we had helped our community with providing our services, we had raised funds for our elementary school, we taught fire prevention & safety to the kids, and had done other miscellaneous things, but that week in December we really pulled together.  Everybody brought food, helped cooked, clean and gather supplies.  The slogan “A Community that Survives Together, Thrives Together” was born.

Moclips Postmaster, Phyllis Shaughnessy wrote a letter and GHFD #8 received the “Points of Light” Award #3703 for April 14th, 2008.  You can go to to read her letter.  The department thanks her for this honor.  We feel this award also belongs to the Community that helped.  Thank you Phyllis and others who have sang our praises.

Out of this event a serious issue arose.  We need to be better prepared!  Several members of our community came together with a shared vision of preparing for the worst.  Knowing now that we are vulnerable to being cut off from the world, the CEP was created. Community Emergency Preparedness is not a committee, nor is it a county, state or federal organization.  It IS the Community, coming together and drawing from it’s own resources to better prepare the Community for disasters.

October 15th of 2008 , the first CEP meeting took place.  We felt since food brought us together before, we should keep with the theme.  We had a wonderful potluck at 6pm and started the meeting at 7pm.  Individuals from different organizations shared what was being done to help make the Community better prepared.  GHFD #8 Community Liaison, Stephanie Allestad led the meeting.  One critical piece of information shared was a form for emergency information, which is available here as a PDF file.

This one page holds a wealth of important information for future incident commanders.  It will be kept safe and shared only with emergency personnel.  Please take a moment to fill this form out and return it to the address listed on the bottom of the form.  More information will be posted here and announced in public venues such as KXPB, the North Coast News and flyers around the community.  If you have any questions please contact us here or GHFD #8 Community Liaison, Stephanie Allestad at 360-276-0009.

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