Fire Training

Date: 1st Monday of every month
Time: 6pm

EMS Training

Date: 2nd Monday of every month
Time: 6pm

GHFD#8 Firemen’s Association Meeting

Date: 3rd Monday of every month
Time: 6pm

Social Night

Date: 4th Monday of every month
Time: 6pm
This is the night dedicated to the member’s on the department, their family and the Auxiliary.  We gather for a dinner where the main dish is made by a member and the rest bring a potluck of dishes and ingredients to support it.  We usually play games that night too.

Want to Help?
Please contact us here or call Community Liaison, Stephanie Allestad at 360-276-0009.

Please note: We are located at 4576 SR 109, Pacific Beach, WA 98571. MapQuest and other mapping systems including Grays Harbor County DO NOT have this correct location. For the correct mailing addresses please contact us.

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